Success Never has to be Final

Throughout the semester I have explored how Marriott International has been successful for so many years. For my final post I would like to talk about what the iconic company is doing to maintain their successfulness in this every changing world that we live in.


The core values that Marriott International upholds are very solid. They insist that their employees exude them because they make up what Marriott is all about. It is like they say, “As we change and grow, the beliefs that are most important to us stay the same—putting people first, pursuing excellence, embracing change, acting with integrity and serving our world. Being part of Marriott International means being part of a proud history and a thriving culture.”

Although Marriott focuses on their never changing core values you can find consistent change in their development. For instance they were one of the first hospitality business to become a founding partner of IMPACT 2030, the global initiative for the advancement of corporate volunteering. Not only does this partnership encourage employees to give back it builds relationships within the communities they impact.

Another thing that Marriott has committed to is being sustainable. As a company they see the importance in taking care of the world that they are a part of. By 2017 Marriot could have over 5,000 hotels in over 100 countries adding over 235,000 new rooms to their company. Being green and building relationships with the communities that they do expand to is vital to the success of their company.

It has been very eye-opening to explore Marriott International through the semester. In the future I hope I have the opportunity to exude Marriott’s core values as an employee.

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To Tip or Not to Tip

Hospitality businesses like Marriott are constantly trying to make customers feel “at-home” if you will, when they are traveling. Nobody wants to go on a business trip or family vacation feeling anxious about whether or not the hotel they picked to stay at will make them feel warm and fuzzy inside. Most of the time we, the consumers don’t appreciate the all the little details that go into making our stay comfortable. Instead we go on with our merry lives, unless there was something not satisfactory about our stay. In that unfortunate circumstance, everyone is going to hear about your bad experience until you feel like things have been made “right.”


Marriott International decided to kick off International Housekeepers Week this past September with the launch of their new tipping envelopes. The Envelope Please, as it is referred to was started to encourage guest to recognize the hard work of the room attendants. Unfortunately, the gentle reminder was not received well by everyone.


Many people’s immediate reaction was to question how Marriott compensated its staff. Marriott followed up these questions with a response in the National Post. The post stated that in no ways were the tipping envelopes intended to substitute for competitive wages, and that in fact their housekeeping staffs’ salaries are above minimum wage and they receive benefits and wages. In addition to responding in newspapers and social media, J.W. Bill Marriott wrote several blogs on his site about his own rules for tipping, and how great customer service can brighten your day.

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Great Social Media Makes the Customers Feel Good

Today there are a lot of different platforms to reach your customers. For some businesses this can be overwhelming, because they are not sure which platforms to use. Figuring these problems out takes time, effort and manpower. That is why in a lot of cases, small business decide to use just one platform. This has its advantages and disadvantages one being that all their information is in one place. However, the disadvantage comes in with whether or not the consumer can easily find and access that one platform.

I mentioned in my previous posts that Marriott International, INC. owns over 18 brands around the world. So you may be wondering how they keep their social media all strait, active and up to date. Good question, right? Unfortunately, I did not find any information through the Marriott website about how they manage it all, or even what strategies they utilize. I did however find out that they are active on many social media sites including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin.

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After looking around on these sites as well as the blogs that Bill Marriott posts. There are a few things that became apparent.

  • Their campaign Life Life to Discover is carried throughout all of their social media platforms.
  • Their social media sites all have links to one another so that users can easily get from one to another.
  • Their 18 brands are all represented, and promote one another.
  • They are not only asking consumers to participate but employees.
  • They focus on storytelling and how their brand is evolving every single day.

Please use the links below to visit some of Marriott’s social media sites and see their effective social media strategies at work.

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Live Life to Discover

Root beer you say? Yes that is right, Marriott started as a small A&W root beer franchise in 1927. Over the years the Hot Shoppes restaurant added things to their menu, first hot food then Mexican food and eventually grew into the Twin Bridges Marriott Motor Hotel in 1957. From there this iconic brand has continually grown. Did you know that they have even dipped their toes into the Sun Line cruise ship industry and Great American theme parks? Today the Marriott International, INC. owns over 18 brands around the world.

cruise line menu Hot Shoppes

Since there are quite a few brands, I am going to use the Renaissance Hotels brand as an example for the rest of this blog entry. In 1997, Marriott acquired the Renaissance Hotel Group, doubling Marriott’s presence overseas. Renaissance Hotels represents a diverse collection of more than 150 hotels in 35 countries worldwide. Renaissance Hotels invite guests to “stay interesting” at distinctive hotels offering unique, locally relevant architecture and design, destination restaurants and bars, and off-the-radar travel experiences worldwide. In 2012, Marriott International Inc. launched their first global advertising campaign, Live Life to Discover.

bed photo

To really make the Live Life to Discover campaign work the staff must remember what the campaign is all about: a celebration of creativity, sophistication and living life extraordinarily. Another big part in making this Live Life to Discover successful was the new multi-faceted campaign which included print, digital, on-site Navigators and RLife Live, one of the industry’s most renowned entertainment platforms showcasing emerging musical artist. The Live Life to Discover campaign represents the culmination of the global repositioning of the brand.

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The Hot Shoppes

 Photo #3

Throughout the semester I will be researching the iconic brand Marriott. J. Willard and Alice Marriott, who were newlyweds in the 20’s, opened up a small A&W root beer stand in the nation’s capital that eventually became known as Hot Shoppes and their company has been popular ever since.  The Marriott International, INC. owns over 18 brands and 3,900 properties around the world today. Marriott has grown into one of the largest worldwide known hospitality companies.

Over the summer I had the opportunity to intern at Visit Aurora in Colorado. After working for them I realized how many different career paths I could take upon graduating from Wartburg. One job specifically that I have my eyes on is working directly with Gaylord Hotel Aurora. This particular hotel is not built yet, but is in the making. You see the Gaylord Hotels brand was bought by Marriott and is now part of Marriott’s destination entertainment brand. I want to work for a company that I believe in, and in order to do that I need to know that company inside and out, so that is why I am choosing to dedicate my research to Marriott International, INC.

Along with my job seeking interest to research this company, comes my wonder on how they are still a leading hotel corporation today. According to the Marriott timeline, the brand remains a vivid symbol of service do to their original spirit to serve. Their core values include: putting people first, pursuing excellence, embracing change, acting with integrity, and serving our world. They convey these values by taking care of their employees, showing dedication to their customers, being innovative, being ethical, and supporting the communities they are a part of.

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